Best of 2010: Number 1: MY DADDY HAS A NEW LIVER!!!

Those of you who know me well, know I'm a daddy's girl. You also know my dad got sick this year, and we found out his liver was failing. On October 23, 2010, at 2am (after having coached a football game the night before!) my parents got the phone call to come to UVA, as a matching liver was found. I was fortunate enough to be able to be there for the surgery and several days after, and from then until now--a little over two months later--I'm amazed at this miracle! One month to the day after the surgery, my dad was out at WVU watching football practice. A few days after Christmas, he went rabbit hunting! We're talking about running a 5k together this summer...

I love my dad. I love God for taking care of my dad. This is by far the best moment of this year!

Best of 2010: Uhm...the most...interesting???

This moment just had to be included. But I wouldn't call it a "best" per se. But you definitely need to see this for yourselves!

So, Konstantin, Dow, Deniro, Luddy, and I head down to Orangeburg, SC for the first of a 3-night mini-tour opening for Wale. Tonight's show is at the Orangeburg Civic Center. I remember thinking, Orangeburg HAS a civic center???? Impressive!! Well, uh.....I spoke too soon....

After driving through 3 different trailer parks, we arrive at the Orangeburg Civic Center. Owned by the "Power House of Deliverance" Church. Here's the info if you'd like to rent it! hahahaha...

It's located right across the street (and by street, I mean dirt road) from this lovely farm....

At this address!

And it's got lovely wallpaper in the main lobby.... (Note the discolored nasty ceiling tiles)

Here's just a sampling of all the alcohol the promoters bought that night...

Oh and, upstairs in the VIP area....there are 2, yes 2 stripper poles. That's right, in the building owned by the Power House of Deliverance Church!

Our lovely security guards...

The wonderful couches in the VIP area....

And now we get to the good part! So, apparently the little church man with his photo on the sign above, he didn't want to pay for TWO one-day liquor licenses (since shows go past 12 midnight), so he only bought one for after midnight (because "the police never come before then!) So, of course, at 9pm, the police come, and force everyone to stand outside in the cold....

While they confiscate ALL the alcohol...

And load it into one of their PERSONAL pickup trucks....

So, the night got started so late that Dow and Deniro didn't get to perform. What makes it even better is....on the way back from this lovely adventure...we ran out of gas! So, here we are, no heat, freezing cold, on the side of I-85 waiting for an HOUR for AAA to come and rescue us. And this, folks, was my most interesting moment of 2010!!!

Best of 2010: Number 2: Clarity on the Future

Yup...no photo for this one either. I can remember freaking out pretty much all through the last few months of grad school about not knowing what my next steps were. "Focus on finishing school, then clarity will come" was what one of my mentors kept telling me. MAN, was he right. Since I've graduated, I have a much clearer idea of what I need to do next, where I need to be, and what I'm going to do with my life. No, wait....what God wants me to do with my life. It's kinda huge. It's kinda intimidating. It's kinda amazing. And I'm super excited. Wait 'til you see what the future holds for me, guys!

Best of 2010: Number 3: Finished my Masters Degree!

Not too much explanation needed here. I finished my Master's in Criminology, Law, and Society at UC-Irvine in June. (Which was why I was out in Cali and able to climb to the Hollywood Sign!) And this gem of a pic is me, with my classmate that, uhhhh, engaged in LIVELY debate with me throughout the entire 2 years. (And by lively, I mean calling me things like "thug lover". Ahh, fun times.) I snatched him and made him take a photo with me before we left!

Best of 2010: Honorable Mention: Climbing to the Top of the Hollywood Sign with Alexis

So, you start climbing....

Then, this sign lies to you....

Then you see cool trees....

Then you find out there was a road and a much closer parking lot that would have made this death hike MUCH shorter...

Then....2 hours later...you see the sign!

Then, you climb to the tip top of the mountain and (bravely) take a super sweaty, tired pic of yourselves. (And then, you go back down...which is just as hard bc the path is slippery sand...and drive straight to Venice Beach and "shower" on the boardwalk!!!)

Best of 2010: Number 4: All the Amazing People I've Met This Year

A lot of my number 5 post contributes to this post, but if I've met you this year, chances are, you're awesome. Seriously, I've never been surrounded by so many hard-working, humble people chasing their dreams. It's truly amazing and inspiring to me...and it helps to keep me going! So, thank you!

Best of 2010: Number 5: All the Amazing Artists I've Shot This Year!

Pac Div at A3C


General Steele of Smif N Wessun

Tek of Smif N Wessun and Sean Price

King Mez


Azon Blaze



S. Gold

Jones Andrews

Smoke DZA

Big Krit

Big Sant (and another Big Krit)


Dow Jones

Deniro Farrar

Wiz Khalifa

The Away Team


Big Remo

Tom Hardy

Actual Proof



I've shot SO MANY PEOPLE this year, so please forgive me if you're left out! (Or let me know, and I'll add you!) But, this was just a snippet of my year in concert photography. It was busy, wild, fun, stressful, trying, and it pushed me more than I ever would have thought! I love it!

Best of 2010: Number 6: A Much Clearer View on My Friends and Family

There's no photo than can describe this one (weird for a photographer to say that!). But, this year was a crazy year for me, full of ups and downs. I always welcome the downs as much as the ups, because A: everything happens for a reason, and B: great things come from great struggles. Lots of great things have come out of the downs that happened this year, and one of them is an amazing amount of clarity on who really comprises my support system. I am closer now to my family than I have ever been, and I have an extended family full of amazing friends who love and support me. I've always been THE lover and supporter of all MY friends, so to see that gratitude reciprocated to me over this year, when I needed it most, was beautiful. Thank you all SO much. Words cannot describe my gratitude.

Best of 2010: Honorable Mention...My Best Friend Got Married to The Most Awesomest Man for Her!

So, this pasy July, my best friend Danielle got married to Kyle, the Most Awesomest Man for Her. I love their relationship, and I love them both! (I particularly love how, due to the laws of marriage, Kyle is now my best friend also...you know, that whole "two become one" thing!) Being a part of their wedding was awesome, even though the seamstress stiched the pockets of my dress closed, so I had nowhere to put tissues, so I couldn't cry! This whole ceremony, their love for each other, and their love for God, was awesome...and definitely worth an honorable mention on my list!

Best of 2010, Number 7: Lost over 50 Pounds!


So, the picture on the left is me, +50 miserable pounds that built up over time. (About to take some runner Gu before my first half marathon....that stuff is DISGUSTING by the way...and I completely recommend using gummy bears instead!) On the right, me now! There's nothing like having a daddy get very sick because of bad food habits to motivate you.

Oh, and part 7b of this, is I can run again! I hurt myself in that half marathon (probably something to do with all that weight I was carrying around), and couldn't run until about March of this year. The only real explanation that I have for it, is God is a Healer. Psalm 103:3.


Top 10 of 2010: #8--The Progress of my Kiddos...

So, I've worked with lots of kids over the past few years...and several have such a special place in my heart. I think they'll probably be in my life forever. 3 of them did some amazing things this year, and it's awesome to watch happening. One, Tiffany, graduated high school. Another, Briana, became a senior in high school (I got the call from her saying she had passed all of her classes while I was listening to Yelawolf soundcheck! I'll never forget it). And the third, I call him Son, he's thinking about leaving his gang...and he's calmed WAY down on his level of involvement with them. I'm so proud!

Number 9, Meeting Big Krit, Big Sant, Wally Sparks, Steve-O, Johnny Shipes, and Dutch...

Big Krit

Big Sant

Jonny Shipes
Wally Sparks



So, yes, anyone who knows me knows Big Krit is one of my favorite rappers, but that is not why this gang made my list. I get frustrated with the music industry A LOT...and this group of guys right here proved to be the antithesis of everything i felt about people in the industry. They were appreciative of me, both as a person, and because of my work, and treated me like family for the brief time we spent together. I appreciate you ALL for being such humble, hard-working, kind individuals and I know that that combination of qualities will pay off. Just know that, whenever I get frustrated with the industry, I think about the time I spent with you all, to remind myself that there are some very amazing people out there, grinding very hard!